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When you lose a loved one, the stress levels rise to an unimaginable level. You have so many decisions to make and it’s hard without their guidance. Let our probate lawyers help reduce your pain by making sure everything goes according to what they would want in this difficult time of need for both families involved.

You and your family’s legacy is in safe hands with Armando E. Rosal, who has years of experience helping people navigate the legal system so they can leave behind a lasting impact on their communities as well as themselves. We’ll take care to make sure you know what documents are needed for each step along our journey together, let us guide you through this process as no one else could – because we’re experts at explaining anything legal.

If you’re going through the process of dealing with an unexpected death, contact our caring attorney at Rosal Law Office by calling (321) 728-2300. You have enough to worry about without having legal issues as well. Most experienced and affordable estate planning attorney serving Palm Bay and surrounding areas. 

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Serving Palm Bay and Surrounding Areas

Chapter 7 – A person is allowed to keep exempt assets and wipe out most, if not all of their unsecured debt. Examples of unsecured debt are credit card, repossession and medical bills, as well as, certain income tax obligations. In Florida, your exempt assets include but are not limited to your homestead, and most of your personal property, as well as, your car. All of the exemptions have certain prescribed limitations which need to be analyzed and discussed during your free Debt Relief consultation.

Chapter 13 – The laws under this Chapter are very useful, for those seeking to keep their residence. If your homestead is worth less than your first mortgage, then under this Chapter your second and third mortgages may be eliminated. In addition, if you are behind on your mortgage payments and in a foreclosure, in most cases, the foreclosure can be stopped and your mortgage reinstated. 

Under Chapter 13, an individualized plan is created based on the client’s income, which lasts between 36 and 60 months. The payments in the plan, usually include funds for secured assets and in some cases for a percentage of unsecured debts.Each individual has a different financial situation which requires analysis during your free Debt Relief consultation

If you are facing difficult economic times, bankruptcy may be the solution. Most people do not realize the financial advantage they will gain by using the available bankruptcy laws to construct a brighter financial future, for themselves and their family. Our office is a federally designated debt relief agency that has served the Brevard County community since 1992. We are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

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Armando E. Rosal, has been practicing in the areas of bankruptcy, estate planning and probate since 1992. He is a graduate of Rutgers University, with a bachelor’s degree in political science, and attained his law degree from Syracuse Unive rsity in New York in 1991. He is a member of the Florida Bar Association, the United States Supreme Court Bar Association, the Florida Middle District Bar Association, the Brevard County Bar Association and a member of National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.

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